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30% solar energy, 100% recycled raw material.
A large part of our production is dedicated to children. In order to attract and make happy the children, we have no other choice but to make them a priority. By thinking of them and identifying ourselves with their dreams we learn how they feel and what they want. Over time, therefore we kept pushing our team to learn more and better on how to manage our production in an eco-sustainable way. Because thinking about the environment means first of all thinking about them, the children. We have equipped ourselves with a 750 kW photovoltaic system, which allows the reduction of 30% of the electricity consumption, equivalent to 379,5 tons of less CO2 released into the atmosphere each year. We constantly invest in energy-saving machinery and equipment that have allowed us to reduce consumption by 40% over the last seven years. But above all, our toys are made of 100% recyclable plastic and our production cycle has reduced the waste of the raw material use to zero. We are also testing bio materials, derived from plant fibers and we plan to use 20% of it in our articles by 2025. An ethical behavior that we are committed to transfer to our customers, through every communication channel, reminding them that plastic is recyclable and that it must be bestowed correctly. Only like this the environment will not be polluted and will be able to transform itself into new toys, watering cans, portable refrigerators…

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